Cool Oil Painting Exhibit

by Sin7ven

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Ric_Ayala A nice detail that I almost missed is the background changes with each song. Each Sin project you can see him improve you can notice this especially on "Shakey". By far the hardest line on this entire EP is "A cavalcade of shadows emerged". Favorite track: And Tomorrow Is Confusing.
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Ira Sin's consistency is second to none, with every word, beat and breath, always as impressive as ever - that Meli sample left me speechless, too. Favorite track: Shaky.
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Kekes Amazing EP <3 Loved it immediately after pressing the play button. Lit as hell. Favorite track: Tiny Fears.


This EP is about art and coping.


Special thanks to the lovely Meli the Scary whose singing and uke playing I sampled in "Shaky." Also, thanks to my friends in the Boomslang Crew for looking out.

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Thank you.

Produced by Sin7ven
Mixed & mastered by Disjointed


released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Sin7ven Finland

I'm Sin and I produce, write and rap to weird hip-hop. I also draw a lot.

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Track Name: Every Day Is Always Tomorrow
“What do you think about the ocean? Do you like it?”

Lately nothing’s wrong at all
And for the longest you’ve been smiling like a momma waiting for her spawn to crawl
It’s just the burden of a lot of thoughts bursting
The curse of a hermit on a monologue irks him

But lately nothing wrong at all
La di da, circling the chalk outlines of the body of a person
Nothing wrong at all, cawing false sermon
He taste it in the waterfall, waterfalls worsen

[Verse 1]
It’s not a problem if I ignore it right now
And despite how foreign my origin story might sound
I’m more than qualified to fault some fools
Listening to the Mollusk while passing by asinine college dudes

This is prolly rude, why are you even breathing?
Harpoon your hearts out and leave em to some eels that need ‘em
But I think it’s pretty justified, be a man
All they got is fins, don’t you really think they need a hand?

No? Whatever, catch you later with an old boot
‘Member what I told you when indulging in your gold goose
Deuce, it’s getting late so I shamble off
When I spot a window to a gallery I hadn’t thought

Even set up shop here, the shining gets me interested
I’m minding my own business as the light invades my irises
The minute that I get in close and see the work exhibited
I’m walking in a circle, think I’ll pop in for a little bit


[Verse 2]
I step inside and it’s decorated blithely
Halogen light bulbs emanate beside me
As I hang my jacket on a gaudy coat hanger hook
Move on through the gallery, I yawn and go have a look

Well nothing seemed to stand out at first
‘Til I hit the final room and something planned out emerged
My eyes dart wildly at the 5 part exhibit
Painted playfully, I wonder how fine artist did it

Really made it his own, I peep the name on my phone
Apparently he died a while ago and mainly unknown
I direct my eyes at the first opus in the ring of these
Marine colors woven into oceanic liturgy

And a figure sitting cross legged on the seafloor
Reef lord, gill speaker, devil of a dream shore
Wordless, gesticulating wisdom of aquatic worlds
Deep in the murky body, nothing like our logic works

Nothing wrong at all, opalescent monoliths
Occupying godforsaken underwater rocky cliffs
Nothing wrong, bright cerulean regalia
Grew up on his arm like the blooming of azalea (x2)
Track Name: Tiny Fears
“Hey, are you really yourself right now?”

[Verse 1]
The effect was immediate
Held my breath, felt like like ice filled my lungs with deadly expedience
Dread and uneasiness swelled my chest
Like I beheld my death, nonetheless I hadn’t felt like this

Before, sure wore on my crystal core
The abhorrent composition by the misty shore
Even on the inside the howling of the wind cried
And thing sings like a witch of yore

So, I think I’ve been looking at this too long
So, think I’ve been looking at this too long
I’m afraid I’ve been looking at this too long
Ooo, wait, but my eyes couldn’t have been glued on

I’m no longer in a comfortable exhibit room
The image conjures me to be right underneath a gibbous moon
But I think - I’ve been looking at this too long
So, I think I should book it out or move on

But, now that I think about it

[Verse 2]
I think: what’s the harm in one more glance
Then the terror tears me down to an unborn’s stance
And the meditative man at the bottom of the misty blue
Beckons me to come forth arms up high and lips askew

Phew, after some elongated minutes
Of being mentally involved in a chase with wizards
I rip myself away from the fantasy in question
And gradually regain my both my faculties and jesting

As my attention shifts from the first painting onto the second


[Verse 3]
Exploding colors, rusty reds roads and gutters
Imposing utters murmured through the cloaks of brothers
Crows in numbers, judging me from on high
Summer heat seared road suffering the bronze eye

Maroon, magenta, ruby, amber, fire
A feud ascend to beauty, anger, ire
I felt dark acrimony at my weakness
Embarked on spelunking in the catacombs of genius

It’s like a sword right next to your heart
I felt like the piece might have torn my retinas apart
Lately everything is wrong and I’m ready to admit it
Got the devil in my details, playing with the digits

And I’m livid and I’m living and getting out my chrysalis
The people in the painting started staring as if listening
Venerate the menacing and denigrate the feeble
And the crown made of ego is to separate the regal

[Verse 4]
Clouds rain to emote, if rainy days bum you
Don’t complain about them, have some empathy for one too
Too many people don’t think about what they think about
And too few people who think about it can think aloud

Look out the sky bleeds like a cornered animal
I freeze, everything I’m fighting for is valuable
And delicate deserving to be entertained and lauded
And I hate myself for time I couldn’t dedicate upon it

And every bit of fear I had rattling inside
Throwing pebbles at a mirror via shattering my mind
To the detriment of devils on the canvas trying to heckle me
I’m angry and I’m petulant and lashing out defensively

I wanna see the excrement that hangs around you never sleep
And if they dare to laugh aloud to dangle from an evergreen
A dead one, the red sun is getting bright enough to burn
So I turn my head aside just in time to brush concern

Pfft, whatever
Track Name: Coffee Shop
“I’m sorry, but I don’t do bargaining.”

[Verse 1]
I glimpse inside and squint my eyes before the
Light and aura, coated by a latticework of vines and flora
The luminescence of the shop envelops me
I’m outside glued against the window watching jealously

My hand is dead, I demand the right to mulligan
About to lose my head like an absent-minded dullahan
And feel like a ferret on a wheel…

[Verse 2]
I’d give anything to get inside
My own reflection taunts me all menacing and heavy eyed
The radiating atmosphere from beyond the glass wall
Makes me near curl up and crumble on the asphalt

How pleasant the interior must smell like
Freshly ground beans, leather chairs under upheld lights
And I reek like the promise of a God...

[Verse 3]
I decide I have to do act now or regret forever
Get the cheddar enter in the temple be the check whatever
Debt be damned, I’m tethered to a lengthy plan already
Goblins in my head are mocking me and my extended hand

I turn the handle of the coffee shop and stumble in
Walk up to the counter and start mumbling the dumbest thing
And I sound like a simp when I blab...

[Verse 4]
I make my order and then drum my fingers on the desk
The colors bursting from the walls is something simply wondrous
Upon further inspection I’m drawn further in depth in
The long serpentine webs of a strong herbal infection

What I didn’t see from the outside is now clear
The tables are all overgrown with flowers like a crown here
And I look like a bouquet made of thorns…

[Verse 5]
I lift my coffee when it’s finished hold still
And don’t spill it looking for an idyllic chilling place
And when I see a corner concealing a feminine vase
Filled with nightshades, hell, I’m feeling red in the face

I swallow my pride and take the table in the corner
And open up a book to read the fable of a foreigner
And I taste like the bitter from a loss...

[Verse 6]
I’ll make sure this little shop stays in business
Buy a coffee every day to make the cut, fate be witness
And water all the flowers, mop the moss off the floor
And every single other motherfucking god awful chore

Staring at the painting of the coffee shop in vain
Back in the exhibit, someone toggle off my brain
I don’t have the power that I need...

Track Name: Shaky
“I couldn’t sleep last night.”

[Verse 1]
Origami paper girl folded on a storm drain
It’s ordained to be pouring on today I heard
And it’s already raining in the city
Shit, I’m agonizing over that and saying something witty

While a lot of little purple shadows skip around the soggy doll
We are built in with a harrowing necrotic flaw
Say you’re in the rain and dodge it all, it’s all the same
The moisture in the air is gonna get you, I’ve been decaying

And I don’t know if being vindicated even seems
Exceedingly superior from being detained and breathing deep
“Weak”, I think, crumbling my skin
Come asunder by the second, I hear the thunder in the wind

Shrunken, in the binge, oh poor pernicious me
I feel like swallowing a whole sword, deliciously
Eugh, and I sway like possessed
Like the raindrops may get engraved on my flesh

Someone left a paper doll on the street
And it’s shaking as I fall on my knees
I’m full of hollow like it’s all just a dream
And I’ll wake up after dawn or a week

A cavalcade of shadows emerge
As I’m feeding all the sparrows to worms
Someone left a paper doll on the street
And I’m waiting by the wall in the breeze

[Verse 2]
The composition is so beautiful
Absurd and oblique like a bird with another bird perched on its beak
The pain of it deep and diluvian, abysmal
The rain in the mist is neptunian and dismal

And it drums on the girl made of paper
Even all the umbrellas in the world couldn’t save her
And I’m cardboard and fear in a coat
By a street light, dark lord, rarely emote

And I can’t feel anything, I just wanna sit here
Life strand very thin, might just wanna get there
Waiting for the green light, take me by the hand
I’ve been waiting like a man, I’ve been for the deep night

Staring at the wipers of the passing cars
As the void in me is siphoning the massive stars
And the pile of wet paper in this form
Is so difficult to see, please take me in the storm

Track Name: And Tomorrow Is Confusing
But you’ve come this far. What do you think?

[Verse 1]
I can’t tell apart the demons from the nuns
I’m bleeding from my thumbs, shaking, stunned like these paintings speak to me in tongues
I tear my eyes away from the fourth piece
Try to scream but the paintings contort speech

I became numb, lumbered to the door that I came from
Escape from this morbid creation
I’m in hell, feeling nausea, the door is gone
And I can hear the hail through the lobby walls pouring on

Something otherworldly coils around my mind
And I’m suddenly compelled to finish doing what I started
Then a song of surly voices howl inside
The final painting as turn and face the music, coming ardent

It’s raining hail in a birch forest
And I think I’m okay now

[Verse 2]
Lark argot carved on tree bark with sharp beaks
The last few been indeed dark and hard weeks
But the ghosts in this clearing offer solace
And the healing that I didn’t think I’d feel and

On the real I’d be demolished if I wasn’t just a husk of a man
Brushing off the dying follicles and dust on my hand
My chronicle is crushed up and canned into crumbs
And the language I lean on is tangled in tongues

It’s raining hail in a birch forest here
And spirits hide behind the trees, lurch forward weird
Like a deer that’s been startled by a force in the wild
While near all the spooks stands a horse and a child

And they’re both cold, shivering but glad to be alive
Light blue skin, tingling vitality and pride
I try to stay on earth with some mantras and quotes
But I feel like a part of the onlooking ghosts

[Verse 3]
Heavy is the head full of envy
And nothing demonstrates it better than the spectral assembly
I been thinking, the hail melting steady yet the pebbles
Rain heavy, feet sinking yet I’m never seen blinking

Lost in the pillars of white bark with dark gashes
Kinda considered making fine art from our ashes
I hear an owl calling out to all the hiding souls
Anthropod eyes like a thousand small kaleidoscopes

Peer down from safety of the leaves
At the spirits as they sway and occasionally weep
Driven by an instinct and fragments of memory
Foraging the forest in their absence of clarity

And humming like a runaway
On a summer night, butter knives flutter by, bye, slumber tight
And it’s raining marbles of hail
In a birch forest painted with gargoyles in scale

[Verse 4]
I’m picking flowers up staring at their centers like a soured love
And laying them all tender on the clouds above
As the roots coil around my toes
And maybe I should change around my voice or my approach

I don’t know the very intricate and fickle workings of the brain
I’m a serpent of the plain, hail hurts my scales
But hurt is occasionally pertinent
In the furtherance learning works like a tourniquet

So I guess that’s the way it is huh
I see that’s the way it is, I’m okay with it
I wasn’t but doesn’t mean I don’t have a say in it
I’m staring at the hail drops melting in the painting and

I trail off, turn around, walk out the gallery
It all seems shaky like I logged out reality
I can’t recall the name of the painter weeks after
And the place wasn’t there at all when I went to check

And I keep asking

But I think I’m okay now
I hope I’m okay
I’m okay